Prospex is building a sizable oil and gas investment portfolio, focusing on high impact, onshore and shallow, offshore European opportunities located in working hydrocarbon systems.

Utilising the team’s proven track record and global experience, the Company is looking to invest in low capex opportunities in Europe’s oil and gas sector with a particular preference for late stage, drill-ready exploration; reworking of existing fields; or failed exploration targets where new ideas and the latest technology can be applied.

Once identified and acquired, the Company will seek to create tangible value across its core projects within a 12-month period in order to maximise the impact of its capital and balance its risk-reward profile.

Prospex Energy Plc is a company incorporated in England and Wales under company number 03896382, and its main countries of operation are Spain and Italy.

Investment Criteria

  1. Regions with working petroleum systems

  2. Favourable fiscal regimes with low political risk

  3. Resource materiality – scale for acquirers and returns for shareholders

  4. Scope for technology to unlock latent value

  5. Line of sight catalysts for value re-rating

  6. Clear monetisation opportunity after value creation